Count your blessings

Count your Blessings

I’ve not managed many posts this week, it seems to have been extra hectic, and I’ve been buried under emails and printing to get our InTouch magazine out. Thanks to Rosi, Caroline, and Angie, weve posted 175 copies of InTouch, a Pastoral letter and worship resources and emailed the same to many others.

Over the last month we’ve become fr more digitally enabled in Herefordshire South & East and many of our folk have amazed me in embracing Zoom and Email to stay in contact. Well done everyone.

This brings me to the song pictured above, which we shared at one of our fellowship meetings this week, and i was encouraged to sing and share.

In the midst of this pandemic we have good days and bad days, up days and down days. On our bad days and down days, lets take a moment to Count our many blessings and name them one by one.

Take a moment to read the words of the song and maybe even sing it to yourself.

Every blessing, keep safe, keep caring, keep praying.


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