Psalm 151 in a time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus Psalm

2nd Guest Blog as Phil is on holiday. Stephen Chowns sent me this.

Click on this link to watch the video:- 

Stay home! Save lives! A little choral encouragement from the Quarantine Choir (Leicester UK). Four friends locked down in the same household together… at least we have singing to lift our spirits!

Psalm 151 in a time of Coronavirus

1. O Lord, to whom ǀ hygiene ● be- ǀ longeth: Hear the cry of thy ǀ servants ǀ when they ǀ call.
2. For we lie in self ǀ iso- ǀ lation: And there is ǀ nothing ǀ on T – ǀ V.
3. For lo, the nation ǀ is a- ǀ drift: The princes of the people have ǀ cast us ǀ from the ǀ pub.
4. Thy people do run about the ǀ shops in ǀ panic: They stockpile all the ǀ loo roll ● and the ǀ bakèd ǀ beans.
5. The priests of thy temple sit all day ǀ at their ǀ desks: In the social ǀ distance ǀ of their ǀ hearts.
6. They preside from the altar of their ǀ King ● and their ǀ God: As ǀ if ● they are ǀ on The ǀ One Show.
7. Smite them, O Lord, that washeth ǀ not their ǀ hands: For we each must sing Happy Birthday at ǀ least ten ǀ times a ǀ day.
8. But thou, O Lord, have ǀ mercy ● up- ǀ on us: Endue a goodly heritage on ǀ Netflix ǀ and on ǀ Prime.
9. Restore your people to health and prosperity again, That music, theatre, cinema, community, Test Match Special, afternoon tea, and even The ǀ Archers ● may ǀ flourish: O Lord who hast now delivered us from a ǀ visit ǀ by the ǀ in-laws.

Chants: S. Wesley; T. A. Walmisley
Psalmist: Not David…

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  1. Colin May said:

    Just brilliant!

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