Good Friday

Good Friday

Good morning everyone, I do hope you’ve managed to get hold of some Hot Cross Buns for today.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all as we commemorate this solemn day in our Church calendar, and I do hope that our online and Zoom services are helping you to connect as church. We had a number of positive comments on the Maundy Thursday service, thank you.

We have prepared a service for you to follow, which is available for streaming from 9am. The traditional time for this service is 3pm, thought to be the hour of Jesus death, but you can watch it at anytime, or follow the service yourself quietly, as the whole content today is in the Service Sheet – available here and on the circuit website.

Our Good Friday Service can be seen be following this link:-

If you didn’t see our other services, links are below:
Our Good Friday Service can found here and the service sheet is available here.

Maundy Thursday Service can be found here and service sheet here.

Message from the manse can be found here.

Spiritual Communion sheet here.

The edited version of our Palm Sunday Zoom Service can be watched here and Order of Service can be found here.

Palm Sunday – S Club Video can be found here.

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