Monday – Day Off

Sunday ended up being quite a stressful day, we had a number of technical issues at the beginning of our live worship. I’m used to making mistakes I know, and can normally get over it quickly, but we had the added problem of not knowing what was wrong. We had control dialogues appearing on the wrong screens, and we could not hear the music for the hymns. Eventually we found some work arounds and the worship continued.

Then in the afternoon as I was editing the video my computer kept crashing, and at one point I thought I had lost everything. But in the end, all was well, the video was uploaded, and I’ve burned another 10 DVDs to send out this week.

In all of this, I need to remember what was important on Sunday was we were able to worship, some 86 of us gathered in our homes, and sang, and prayed and listened to God’s word. Through our use of technology, 2 worship leaders, 2 local preachers, 2 ministers and 1 organist were able to take part in leading the worship, even though we are all in separate locations. Caroline said today, that “Church Without Walls” must have been a prophecy, and we are truly being Church without walls at the moment.

Tomorrow we will send out 10 DVDs to some of those who have not been able to connect to our live worship, or watch it later on the internet. If you know of someone who would benefit from a DVD, please let Angie or I know. We will also send out pastoral letters from the Lunch Club team to the Ledbury Lunch club attenders, and we will offer that to the Christ Church and St John’s Lunch Club teams too. I believe it is incredibly important for us to keep in touch with as many as we can in all the ways we can at this difficult time. I’ve also tried sending some pastoral cards to those we know that are in hospitals, and it will be interesting to know if they get through.

Today I have had a better day, I suppose there has been an incredible amount of effort gone into setting up the systems and moving equipment, re-arranging the house to get us to the point we are and in being able to operate as best we can. So today, I think was the first day I have been able to relax, as best as I could with the news that surrounds us all the time.

Today, I tidied the house, today, I baked some bread, today I did some colouring. Today I watched some films, played my Ukulele and had an afternoon nap. Today seemed almost normal. Today we connected with the family and read Eric and Flynn some stories. Today was a good day.

If you want to have a go at the colouring yourself, you can download from part way down the web page you can find by clicking here.


For 26 years before coming into the Ministry, amongst other things I was a Boys’ Brigade officer, captaining the 36th Bristol Company, and also a Battalion Vice President. I still follow the BB on Facebook and get involved in one national BB event every year. Monday was BB Night, and I was very impressed to see the resources the BB are putting out each week. Take a look at the resources and show them to your children, grand children and great grandchildren, there are some excellent resources. See here 

The motto of the Boys’ Brigade is “Sure and Stedfast”, it comes from Hebrews 6:19 in the old King James version of the Bible. (BB was founded by Sir William Alexander Smith in Glasgow in 1883, so the KJV would have been the bible of his time).

19 Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil.

The veil of the temple hid the holiest of holies, the place where God was. At the moment of Jesus death on the cross the veil of the temple was split in two and God was accessible to all. I like that hope is our anchor, and that hope is sure and stedfast, like the biggest anchor ever held on the biggest rock ever, solid, unmovable. Let’s hang on to that solid anchor, lets hold on to that hope. As the Queen reminded us yesterday, we will come out of this, in the meantime lets hope and pray.

Please pray for those of our folk in hospital, and lets pray for Boris in hospital, and lets pray for all the NHS front line workers including our daughter Theresa.

we stay at work for you

Theresa works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, she can be seen at the leftmost side holding the “We” sign.

The message the NICU staff want us to understand is “We stay at work, for you, so please stay at home for us.”

Keep safe, keep caring, keep praying.


  1. Thanks Phil. I shared the BB resources with my niece for her children and on Twitter

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