Busy, Busy, Busy

So then Phil, how have you been filling your day?

I don’t know where the time has gone in the last few days, here we are all holed up in our homes, and yet I seem to be busier than ever.

We are still getting used to the changes in our circumstances, so there has been a lot of work in shutting things down and in trying to establish new working patterns.

A lot of work so far has gone into meetings online trying to establish how we continue to “be” church, survive, nurture and feed our congregations and maybe try and find some positives out of this time.

Is there a possibility that we may all grow closer together once we’ve all survived this ordeal together. I remember reading Michael Frost’s book “Exiles, Living Missionally in a Post Christian Culture”, and he was referring to the concept of ‘communitas’, developed by an anthropologist called Victor Turner in the 1960s. Turner had studied male initiation rites in African tribes and the incredibly strong bonds these young men developed as they struggled together. I remember as I wrote an essay on this for my degree course, the struggles we had on a construction site in Queensland a small team of Engineers battling against many odds trying to get a badly designed machine to achieve its customer’s requirements, whilst the company we worked for was tearing itself apart and making people redundant left right and centre. (By the time I came home from that long spell in Australia, I found myself working for a completely different company). What was amazing was the bonds we few had made in that difficult time. Michael Frost says “We all know that when people are thrown into a challenge – an ordeal …..they develop a much deeper sense of communion. Surely we can recall periods of our lives when this was true”. Reflect on this, can you “recall periods of our lives when this was true”? Pray that some good will come from this crisis and a stronger bond, communion for our church.

Certainly we are learning to connect to people in many different ways, live services on the internet, reflections, whole services sent on paper by post, and now I’m trialling sending out some DVDs of services to those who are not on the internet but have a DVD player. Let me know if you know anyone who would benefit from a DVD in the post. Remember LoveFILM well this is LoveJESUS.

In other news, the lawn has been mowed, all the washing has been done, the house is very tidy (apart from the TV studio in the Dining Room) and the Puppets seem to have taken over the back bedroom, and may be appearing on a computer near you soon.

Another benefit is that my bread making is getting better. The loaf in the photo above contains one egg. Thanks to my WhatsApp bread tutor Revd Peter Powers.

As for blogging, sorry for the gap. I’m now looking to some of our creative people in the circuit to write some guest slots on this blog. Email me if you would like to take part.

Tomorrow I will be planning the service for Sunday, and hoping to mass email the content so you can follow this Sunday.

Keep reading the connexional advice:- https://www.methodist.org.uk/about-us/coronavirus/official-guidance/ 

Every blessing and Keep Safe, Keep Caring, Keep praying.

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