Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Everyone is talking about Zoom at the moment, and this morning we had our first Ecumenical Ledbury Prayer Meeting on Zoom, and it did work! We prayed!

Tomorrow we are trying to keep things as normal as possible by holding our Circuit Meeting by Zoom.

This afternoon Caroline and I started on the job of connecting with all our members, first with Bromyard and Ledbury (Ross tomorrow!) in sending out by email, and hard copies in the post and pushed thorough letterboxes for those who are not online. Angie and Rosi are doing similar for St Johns.

In Ian Howarth’s Pastoral letter to Presbyters he has asked us to support the CTE initiative of lighting a candle at 7pm, on Sunday, here is Ian’s request:-

The Presidents of Churches Together in England have put together a statement that I believe we can unite behind, https://www.cte.org.uk/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=569010 This includes a call for a day of prayer and action on Sunday 22nd March, which is, of course, Mothering Sunday. The suggestion is that people are encouraged to light a candle and put it in their windows at 7.00 p.m. as a sign of the light of life, Jesus Christ, our source and hope in prayer. I would hope we could support that as Methodists and encourage our congregations in this act of solidarity.

Talking to our daughter today we realised that for our little Grandson Eric tomorrow will be his last day of school, probably for this academic year, and he’s really only just gotten used to going to school and starting to enjoy it. So please pray for all the children tomorrow, some for whom it will be their last day of school and hurriedly arranged leavers assemblies. Pray for those who are distressed over not being able to take their exams, pray for the teachers and school staff, and any that may be laid off. Pray for parents who are worried sick about trying to arrange healthcare.

On Tuesday we heard of one of our Bromyard members’ family who have had to lay off staff and are worried about their business going under. Pray for those who are in this situation, and for those already laid off.

Caroline and I are being trained to help run the foodbank in Ledbury as most of the existing volunteers are 70+ and need to be socially isolated. Pray of us as we embark on this.

Street Pastors are still going out this Saturday, please pray for us too.

As I pray for you all, please pray for me.

Keep Safe, Keep Caring, Keep Praying.

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