Fresh Expressions Seminar

Back in November, I went up to the big smoke for a seminar on “Fresh Expressions – what next”, or something like that.

It was the day after the vote for women bishops in the CofE, and I did not realise that the Archbishop was speaking. There was a huge sympathetic round of applause when he got up to speak, and he spoke very well. His message was very simple but quite profound. He kept reminding us that we need to move the church on, move forward, and try different ways for people to meet Jesus.

The thing that impressed me the most, was the simplicity of his explanation of redemption, repentance, and salvation – he said it was like someone looking away, and Jesus gently tapping them on the shoulder and saying, turn around, you are looking in the wrong direction, turn around trust me. When we stop looking in the wrong direction, and start looking at Jesus, start trusting him, and following him – that is redemption, repentance, and salvation.

I’m not sure if we ever got to answering the question where do we go now with Fresh Expressions – perhaps it’s just – keep doing them….!

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