3 Funerals

I’ve sort of resisted writing about funerals on my blog, as I’ve felt it may not be fair to the families.

However, I hope if I write a generic comment, then it will hopefully not cause any hurt to any family.

I’ve had the privilege now, since I’ve been here to conduct 3 separate funerals, all for church members and adherents. I say privilege, as I’ve really felt that it is a real privilege to be able to help people at their lowest moment to come to terms with a loved one’s death, and to help them through the organisation of a fitting funeral, and to provide God’s word of comfort.

The 3 funerals have all been quite different, only one of them including a church element. Last week the funeral had over 200 people present, it was very difficult to keep my eyes dry, as he had been such a lovely man, and the love and loss of the family was tangible. But it is so important in ministry to be the one that holds it all together.

I have another funeral in a weeks time.

Dear Lord, give me the strength, and love to serve

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