Missing my girls

I must admit, these last few weeks have been difficult in a different way.

Theresa moved out into a flat last year, but at least when we were in Bristol I saw her most weeks, but now since we’ve moved to Essex, I only see her on Facebook or Skype. It does feel very odd, though seeing her and Gordon on skype, with the Dog, in our old house in Bristol.

Theresa is now 2 weeks into her new job at Frenchay Hospital. She is working on a stroke ward, as a HCA and is on a programme to give her experience towards working as a Behavioural Psychologist.

Theresa in her uniform, looking really happy as she has escaped from Subway!


Jessica is in the Philippines as a volunteer on the ICS programme for VSO. She is in Guindelman, on Bohol Island. We have been able to catch up with her on Skype a few times, as she has got an internet café very close to where she is staying. She is living with a Baptist family, who also run a house church and a kindergarten. You can read Jessica’s Blog on —- http://jessicawarrey.wordpress.com/

I’m really proud of my girls, but I’m missing them, and looking forward to the next time we will all be together – probably Christmas!


As for me, well things are going well in the new “Job”. 2 Funerals done, 2 more on the way, one baptism coming before Christmas, and 5 weddings next year. Taken lots of services, and still excited that I can serve both communities. One Church council done, one more to go. I’ve helped re-launch the older youth group at Hockley, and have 7 boys aged 12-14. (Can I sneakily change this into a BB Company, or do you think they might notice?)

Starting to think now, what will my focus be, what vision do I need to share with the churches. What do we need to do to move people closer to the kingdom.

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