Where did those 2 weeks go?

Time, I need a time machine, one of those things that slows everything down so that you can catch up!

The last 2 weeks have disappeared fast, and we found ourselves this morning on tenterhooks waiting for a text or a call to say that Jessica had safely arrived in the Philippines. She has arrived, and was a little tearful, but that was down to her being very tired after a very long flight. We look forward to having some updates soon.

Jessica wearing her backpack ready to Go

Anyway, working backwards in time………

We’d taken Jessica to the train station on Tuesday morning, and thinking she was all set, we then discovered that she did not even know where she was meant to go! So having put her on the train, we raced back to check her emails and text here where to get off the train and then how to get to the YHA she and her group were staying the night before their flight. In the morning the VSO people had put on a bus to take them to Heathrow, and off they went.

Monday had also been a panic in getting her ready. The DEET she’d ordered and memory cards for her camera had gone to Bristol, so off we went to find more. Her backpack did not fit, so off we went to Go Outdoors to have it fitted professionally. (Far, far toom many straps and adjustments!) We did though manage, the three of us to have a “Last Supper” a good steak at the Basildon Beefeater (Haywain).

Jessica had also had an email to say thank you for all the money she’d raised. So I need to say thanks to all our friends and family for sending Jessica money via Justgiving.

We’d had a good Sunday, Back to Church Sunday at Hockley was brilliant, lots of people were brought back to church, and we had an excellent time. We had “Cecil the Lost Sheep”, and one of Doug Horley’s wonderful songs “Nothing’s too big”. With the colouring, the children’s percussion, and cake, it was almost Messy Church!

Sunday lunch was at Rayleigh, where we discovered how good the catering team are. (I’ve never had a 4 course harvest lunch before!)

Pate with asparagus and chutney.
Salmon with Mushroom Sauce
Lemon Meringue Pie
Cheese & Biscuits
Coffee & Mints.

Well done the catering team!

Saturday started with a quick trip into central London to go to the Amos Day. (It’s amazing, I can be in Liverpool st Station in 40 minutes by train from Rayleigh – the church was a 10 minute walk away). Amos Day was excellent, good to catch up with friends (Headley & Hiliary, Nive, John & Marie from our trip in May 2011) and to have an update on the issues and projects. (See www.amostrust.org ) There was a performance poet from Gaza who moved us with her poems, many were in tears, I was very close. The street child world cup project for 2014 looks good, and I hope to be able to get my churches involved. (See http://streetchildworldcup.org/ ), Garth sang as usual, perhaps I can get Garth to come and sing in Rayleigh.

I was back from London in just under an hour, and back in time to help set up the sound for Hockley’s “One Man Show”, and they raised over £400 to share between Amnesty International and the Church funds. (Oh and more food!)

Friday was a day of rushing around, my Worship Development Group meeting and a visit to the rehearsals for Saturdays show.

Thursday was a good study day, got lots found and written up, did some “research” on the evening, with a visit to the Bar’N’bus. More about that in another blog.

Wednesday was a funeral day. A lovely lady, much loved by her family, we gave her a fitting send off. It was quite moving actually. I came close to tears myself, when one of the family broke down in tears doing a reading.

Tuesday, more rushing around.

Monday was meant to be my day off, but Jessica broke down in Lakeside, so there was no rest, we raced over to Lakeside to rescue her, and arrived just before the breakdown truck. In the end all was well, but we ended up changing the brake pads just in case!

The previous Sunday was good, first proper communion at Rayleigh, which went well, nothing spilt, nothing dropped. Phew! We even san the “Custard Cream Song”. (I did forget the collection though).

Anyway, I think that is enough for now……….

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  1. Dave said:

    Doug Horley, that takes me back to some really inspiring events in Bristol. Fandabidozzie

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