Day off – the world has caught up with me!

Monday was my day off, and my goodness did I need it. The last 2 weeks were very full on. In fact the last 2 months have been full on.

Last week was a bit busy, but I did manage to finish my last essay on the Thursday, just in time before a call to go to a hospital visit.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve taken 6 Sunday services, 2 midweek communions, many other meetings and pastoral visits, so I needed my day off.

However, I give thanks, that I am allowed a day off, as I know there are many who don’t get one at all.

So in the morning, a quick visit to the dentist, a little bit of retail therapy. (A new black leather belt to go round my cassock, actually paid for via a gift card given to me for running a bible study in Keynsham last year).

Then to the sea front for a luxury toasted tea cake, and a filter coffee, admiring the view, breathing in the fresh sea (well estuary really) air, and soaking up some autumn sun.


Finding I was enjoying this, I thought, where else can I go, how about Leigh-on-sea, how about a visit to the cockle sheds. Monday’s special was Dressed Crab Salad – that sounded nice and healthy. I ended up sitting on the beach front, looking at the sea for an hour, eating a Rhubarb & Custard, watching the people, resting my brain.


My boss says, I must find the right work life balance, and not feel guilty having a day off. So today, I enjoyed my day off, guilt free.

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