Meetings, meetings, meetings

I had to laugh today, one of the Methodist ministers I met earlier, was relating the tale of going into school where her son attends to help teach in RE, and specifically to relate what a minister does. Her son wrote in his exercise book, in answer to what does a minister do? – they go to meetings!

This week so far has been a week of meetings!

District Induction on Monday – good though to meet some of the important people. (Especially good to meet the lovely man that looks after the District Grants – apparently there is money available for grants for mission – put me down for a bucket full of that).

Monday Evening – Stewards meeting at the manse, on the new sofas. New sofas were approved as comfy. (I like the idea of people coming to me for meetings!)

Tuesday – Staff meeting – but that was good, first proper opportunity to meet all the circuit staff. Highlight = Ruth’s fairy cakes. (Diet postponed)

Tuesday evening – circuit meeting 2 hours in pews designed by Easyjet or Ryanair.

Wednesday – back up to Stansted to the District office for the Probationers meeting, meeting the other Probs, supervisors, our boss, and Probationers Secretary.

Wednesday evening – wot no meeting. Collapsed in front of TV, then after guilt had fully settled in – back into study and chose some hymns for Sunday.

Study day tomorrow – must finish the essay.

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