Welcome Service

Saturday was the circuit welcome service at Highlands Methodist, they did a grand job.

The pre service praise music was led by a BB Officer Dave Spaull, and the “Prof” from Greenbelt. Keith Norman was fantastic on the organ, bringing a whole new life to some of the Hymns we sang.

Rev Bryan Tolhurst led the service and Rev Anne Brown the district chair preached.

Anne reminded us that the fire of the Holy Spirit needed to be re-kindled in us, and she linked this to the cauldron at London 2012.

With permission, her is a portion of her sermon, where she reminds us how we should support new ministers:-

“At the beginning of a new ministry there is a sense of excitement and anticipation as we are fired up to work together, supporting and encouraging each other and our leaders.The circuit steward is soon going to ask you if you will welcome your new ministers, offer them your support and prayers as you join together in the work which God has called us? Your response is meant to be ‘with God’s help we will’ not ‘if we must’ or ‘do we have to’ or ‘it depends on whether I agree with him/her’ or ‘if I feel like it’. Friends – I encourage you to recognise the power God has placed into our hands – rekindle the flame within us and go forward in the confidence that Peter had as he accepted the charge from Jesus, as Paul and Timothy showed in their ministry.And may we not only attempt great things for God but may God through us enable us to be his witnesses today as together we share in God’s mission.”

Friends and family came from Bristol and Burnham to support us, and this is a photo of all who came from the “far west”.

Thank you everyone, I feel well and truly welcomed.


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