What sort of “nutter” am I? Answers on the back of a postcard please!

It was a Thursday, it was meant to be my study day, but all sorts of meetings have been planned prior to anyone knowing when my day off or study day was meant to be.

Anyway, to fit in with the new fitness regime, I decided to have a car free day. (As suggested by Philip Richter fro STETs). As horses are no longer standard issue for one of Mr Wesley’s preachers, and as Highlands was a few miles away, I had to cycle.

A few years ago, when working for Metso, they had a “bike to work” scheme, so I’d bought a tax free bike. i did manage to cycle the 6 miles to work a number of times, until I fell off. I fell off rather dramatically on the edge of Bristol docks near the industrial museum, slid along my face on the concrete, too close to the edge for my liking. It’s taken nearly 3 years to get the courage back to ride again. After all, they kept telling me Essex was flat!

I set off for highlands (8.4miles round trip), at 7pm for a 8pm meeting, not know how well I would do. I got there in 22 minutes. Not bad considering my doctor has me diagnosed as “clinically obese”! Sat through the meeting, and then in the dark at 10pm, I had to set off for the return trip. It nearly killed me! The pain in my legs was quite severe coming up the hill that the garden centre is on. (Whatever that road is called!)

Got back to the manse and had to get Caroline and Jessica to show me warming down excercises.

Anyway, I’m sure it will get easier, as I ride more often and stretch the muscles, and hopefully lose a bit of weight.

(I have cycled a number of times to Rayleigh – but that doesn’t count as it’s only a mile. I’ve made it once to Hockley & Hawkwell and got lost on the way back – I’ve now got a mount for the Sat-Nav on the bike).

I wonder if I could be sponsored to cycle to all the churches in the circuit in my first year! Or do I just set that for myself as an interesting challange?

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