Whistle stop tour, Baptismal Visit and Cycling 4/9/12

Back to work today. Started off with a whistle stop tour of the circuit with a colleague.

Absolutely amazed at the diversity of this area. There are some huge houses, BMWs everywhere, and then just down the road will be an area of poverty, and large numbers of homeless. I need to reflect on this. Espescially as we now find ourselves living in a large 4 bedroom house.

Later did my first baptismal visit, really lovely couple, and ended up sitting on the decking outside looking at stones with the future baptisee!

Bit of a panic this evening as I realised i’ve got 3 services to prepare – so get on with it.

Anyway following seeing the cycle path from Shoeburyness to Leigh, we set off tonight to cycle it, me and Jessica, with Caroline as official photographer, support vehicle, and purchaser of ice creams half way. The gnats were out in force tonight so extra protein to keep us going.

Jessica’s fund raising is going quite well, and I have really been pleased to see how my friends and engineering colleagues have responded. Take a look at http://www.justgiving.com/Jessica-Warrey

Jessica has also a blog now – http://jessicawarrey.wordpress.com/

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