Phillip, Caroline & Jessica enjoying the Paralympics

Where has the month gone? I started with good intentions of trying to journal and blog but lost track of time.

Since I last wrote we have been to Greenbelt Festival, but I will write about that again.

These are the last few days of this strange month of moving and holiday. I have been meeting people and preparing to start working tommorrow. So today was the last day off.

This morning we took the park and ride bus from Thurrock to the Olympic Stadium for a morning of Athletics. (£10). I was blown away by the stadium, and the athletes.
Watching the club throwing, where the guys had to be strapped in and bolted down; seeing the girls in the 5000m wheelchair races falling out and having to get back in with no help and still finishing the race! What a fantasticc spirit of endurance!

The thing that touched me the most though, was the visually impaired, running with their guides. Perfectly in sync.

This afternoon we went to Excel with a day pass, and dipped into Seated Volleyball and Judo for the visually impaired. Mightily impressed.

I remain a fan of the Olympics and Paralympics, and so glad that those who where busy writing articles about how badly we would do, have well been proved wrong!

Must finish the book I bought on Eril Liddell…..

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