Moving Day – 1st August



So we are in to day 2 of the move. Bacon sandwiches all around to start, and yet more tea.

We all helped to carry stuff into the van, and after many hundreds of trips up and down the ramp into the van it was eventually loaded, and we waved bye bye to the van.

Caroline’s Mum & Dad were a bit upset, and so was Den at the parting, and around 2:30pm we set off in 2 Cars and a removal van to Essex. Jessica drove in the small car, as she wanted to drive all the way. Theresa and I shared the driving of the Touran. A short stop at Reading Services for a picnic, and we arrived at Rayleigh at 5:45.

We were met at the Manse by Marion, one of the Rayleigh Stewards with a welcome pack, tea, coffee, cups, milk, biscuits, sweets and flowers. What a lovely welcome, a good start. (Oh – hospitality again!)

The removal van arrived at 6pm, and we were joined by another remover to start unloading. We got the beds out first, and then we all realised that the bedding was amongst the first set of boxes loaded! Duh! Never mind off to Tesco Extra to buy some more bedding!

Unpacked the new Garden Furniture and had a lovely Chinese Takeaway in the new house.

Built the beds, put on the new bedding, collapsed exhasuted into Bed. The Lord has cared for us and provided for us.

Picture of new house…….


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