Day off …. On the train to London


We are off to London for a day out. Hopefully catch some olympic spirit and maybe treat ourselves to a show. (This is meant to be our holiday as well as moving…..) More later….


Note that Jessica never looks happy in photos.

We had a lovely day in London the truth be told.

Picked up some of the Olympic vibe, but missed the Triathlon, we got to Hyde Park in time for the Gold Ceremony and to sing the national anthem.

Managed to get reduced tickets for Phantom of the Opera, but nearly got scammed on a £10 booking fee. Walked to the theatre and bought direct! Phantom was good, but not as good as the first time we saw it in 1987!

The transport system here is brilliant, just over £10 each to get into London with an all day ticket thing. But you have to travel in 4s.

Had 2 interesting experiences….

A chat with a lady giving out Gospels – I asked, why are you giving out KJV, and not a version that people can understand. Without batting an eyelid she told me the KJV was closer to the original words of God!

We stood and watched a young man evangelising the crowd in the style of Cliff College, with the old fashioned word square painting. He was good, but the 5 letter word, of what we needed was not, as we anticipated JESUS, what we needed was the Truth, that the Christ died so our sins could be wiped clean. Amen brother. (He even explained what sins were!) One of the best bits of street evangelisation I’ve seen in years.

Anyway off to bed now

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