Day 1 in Essex – 2nd August

We’ve slept our first night in the Rayleigh Manse and survived…..

Up bright and early, and ready for the removers to come.

Ding-Dong – is it the removers, no it’s Ikea delivering the new furniture. (We had fitted wardrobes in Bristol, and there is another bedroom and the “spare lounge” to furnish).

All in all they have done a wonderful job on the manse, comparing it to what it was. There are a few niggles, but I’m sure they can be easily resolved.

Ding-Dong – is it the removers, no it’s a new microwave from the Co-op. (We’ve had to leave all our white goods in Bristol for Theresa).

Ding-Dong – is it the removers, yes, it’s 9am, so on goes the kettle, more tea, more stuff to carry.

Why has the settee got grass on it? – No idea, we saw it covered up in the house, we saw it carried into the van (nowhere near the lawn), we saw it carried out of the van! Out comes the hoover, all is well.

The moving guys have been wonderful, really friendly and helpful.

All unloaded – now the real work begins. We can’t unload some of the boxes until we’ve built some Ikea furniture. By 3pm we’re exhausted and missing some bits – let’s go to Ikea,….(for a rest!).

In the evening we had a meal with Muriel & Mike from Hockley, more hospitality, thank you.

Caroline posted this photo on Facebook – wondering if we have too much stuff! (No comment!)


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